Posted by: Ian | 1 November, 2009

Lilyvale Tunnels No.1 & No.2 – Closed

Lilyvale Tunnels No.1 & No.2  – Closed

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  1. Thanks for the effort – your description and pictures really put dimension into the rail history of the area – do you ever conduct tours, please?

    • Hi Colin

      Thank you for the kind words. The rich coalmining and railway history is incredible in this area. Are you from the area?

      Unfortunately I don’t conduct tours and the only person I know of is John Oakes from the ARHS/NSW (Australian Railway Historical Society). He does do tours along old rail alignments so it would be worth regularly checking out the ‘tours’ page on the ARHS website:

  2. Beautiful story, very informative you must have done a lot of research.

    By the way, are the tunnels easily accessible? I enjoy a bit of urban exploration and train tunnels are very rare from my experience, if it is accessible could I bother you for some information on it? The closest road and any hints on finding it. You mentioned getting help from a local is that because the site is only accessible through private property?

    Thank you for your time and again, great article.

  3. Hello Michael

    Thank you for the kinds words and for stopping by the site.

    In answer to your questions; the tunnels are difficult to access. Your would get more success if you visited the Metropolitan Tunnel 1st and the Helensburgh Tunnel 1st. Both of these tunnels are easily accessible and are in close proximity to each other.

    Metropolitan Tunnel 1st:
    Helensburgh Tunnel 1st:

    Thank you.

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