Posted by: Ian | 4 November, 2009

Helensburgh Tunnel 1st (Tunnel No.3) – Closed

Helensburgh Tunnel 1st (Tunnel No. 3) – Closed

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  1. Hi
    How long is that tunnel? I have also been told its haunted.

    • Hi Ian

      Second paragraph will tell you the length… 80m or 264 feet for the old school. 🙂

      Haunted? If you believe such things then…? However it is just a disused railway tunnel.

  2. Hey there,

    So where is this tunnel and how can we access it from Helensburgh Railway Station?

    Great website



    • Hi Jesse

      Thank you for the kind words.
      As of the time of writing, you can no longer access the tunnel, (this will change in the future). You can however walk right up to the lock gates and peer in, (as I had done just last weekend – 29th October 2010). The whole tunnel has been completely cleaned and cleared of all rubbish, discarded goods and graffiti.
      The whole area has been listed by the Department of Lands for environmental and heritage protection.

      To visit the Helensburgh Station Reserve, please refer to the link below.,150.992274&ll=-34.177304,150.993417&z=18&t=h&nmd=20100917


  3. I stumbled upon this tunnel today whilst trying to find the old station site. Was surprised to see the ugly steel posts at the north entrance, (I guess your update has explained why). Couldn’t get up close to this entrance due to all the overgrowth and water. Thank you so much for all the info in your blog, it has provided me with an interesting read 🙂

  4. Nice article & pix, & good to see they are keeping the vandals out. Maybe this way those tunnels can last another 100 year.

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