Posted by: Ian | 7 February, 2010

Metropolitan Tunnel 1st (Tunnel No. 4) – Closed

Metropolitan Tunnel 1st (Tunnel No. 4) – Closed

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  1. Walked part of this last weekend.
    I took the gumbys, wet, it went under water not far from the Helensburgh 1st Railway Station, 1-200 meters, didn’t persist. I went and walked the Otford
    tunnel instead.

  2. Aha..this is the tunnel we are taking the scouts to on tuesday night..I’m looking forward to seeing the glow worms as are the scouts..particularly the Joey Scouts who are the youngest 6-8yrs. Im not sure what they are more excited about, seeing glow worms or the Train trip up from

    I have given a link to this page for all the parents to have a look at, so they understand how we it will be up there..Wish us luck..:)

    • All the best Leanne and I hope everyone has an enjoyable and safe time. 🙂

  3. I am interested in the closed tunnels in the Helensburgh area. I noticed that there are numerous pictures of the Metropolitan Tunnel taken of the northern portal, however I have found no pics of the end near the colliery.
    Does the southern portal still exist? If so where is it located? Is it on the colliery property?

    Thanking you.

    • Hello Neil

      Thank you for stopping by the website.

      The southern portal of the Metropolitan Tunnel 1st still exists. You’re right; it is located inside the Metropolitan Colliery’s complex. A good indication of the area can be found here.

      The original single rail line crossed through an area that now forms part of the Metropolitan Mine, where stockpiles are stored. The area towards the southern portal are now filtration dams. NearMap gives a pretty good photo of what the area looks like today.,150.995995&z=19&t=h&nmd=20110419

      You are right in saying that there are hardly any photos of the southern portal, but there are some, (I know of two).
      John Oakes has done some wonderful research and produced a fantastic book titled: Sydney’s Forgotten Illawarra Railways
      This is well worth the purchase price for anyone serious about the history of the area.

      Thank you

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