Helensburgh is located just south of Sydney, NSW Australia. The 2508 postcode covers; Woronora Dam, Helensburgh, Otford, Lilyvale, Stanwell Tops, Stanwell Park, Coal Cliff, Darkes Forest and Maddens Plains.

Combined, the 2508 postcode area shares a rich coal mining and railway heritage, and is surrounded by natural bushlands, springs and the breath-taking Illawarra escarpment to the east.  Helensburgh, Otford and Lilyvale  are situated next to The Royal National Park to the north.

Here I will present some of the areas history and my experiences in the beautiful Helensburgh and surrounds.

Ian Piggott is a local historian with interests in early railway infrastructure, mining, and ‘life & times’ of early Helensburgh & district pioneers and residents.  Ian Piggott is a member of the Helensburgh & District Historical Society.



  1. Hello,
    My grandparents, Charles montague green & florence ann fleeting were married at the Registrar’s office, Helensburgh on 28.10.1903. Their usual residence was given as Lilyvale, Helensburgh. I would be very interested in finding where tis might have been.
    Thank you

  2. Hello Norman

    You’ll find plenty of information on Lilyvale here. Type Lilyvale in the search field (top, right; under ‘browse’) and you’ll discover many links on Lilyvale that I have written. Back in the day it was a vibrant hub of life and activity down Lilyvale.

    Also looking up the Helensburgh Historical Society would be worth your time. http://www.historichelensburgh.org.au/ or their Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/helensburghhistoricalsociety

  3. I’ve heard of a ghost that is in the Helensburgh tunnel. No one can tell me much more, other than seeing a light like a lantern moving in the distance. Can anyone tell me any more?

    • Hello Lisa

      Thank for visiting the site and leaving a comment.

      It’s all hearsay, and I have never seen anything to indicate what you mention. 🙂

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